Tuesday, 12 June 2018


This is the ancient (1963) Revell 1:35 kit (re-released in 1995) of the 105mm C1 howitzer. The scene is set during the NATO annual FALLEX 64 exercises in Germany, where a Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery unit is firing on the range under a basic camouflage netting.

CanadianSoldiers.com says "Canada officially adopted the C1 105mm Howitzer as a replacement for the 25-pounder Gun on 11 Sep 1956. The weapon was an adaptation of the US-designed 105mm Howitzer M2A1. The Canadian Army continued to use the C1 Howitzer unaltered from its original M2A1 configuration until 1997 when a modification was made to extend its service life. The new weapons were designated the C3 105mm Howitzer, and included a longer barrel, muzzle brake, reinforced trails and the removal of shield flaps. Canada's requirement for a gun to equip its Field Regiments was 649 guns just for units serving in Canada. In Sep 1948, it was felt postwar requirements would necessitate a total of 771 guns. As part of a NATO standardization, Canada decided to replace the 25-pounder with a 105mm weapon. As well, as aid to other NATO countries Canada divested itself of 168 25-pounder guns which, along with stocks of ammunition, went to other militaries within the alliance. Canada ceased production of 25-pounder ammunition in Jul 1953, and the 27th Canadian Brigade went to Germany with US 105mm guns."
The gun can be operated with a crew of five or seven, If necessary, deployment can be performed with a crew of three.


Saturday, 19 May 2018


This is the 1:egg scale KV-2 Heavy Assault Tank named in honour of Kliment Voroshilov, and part of the Meng series called "World War Toon". (kit #WWT-004)
Only 334 of the real tanks were built. It was armed with the M-10 152mm howitzer.
I built and painted and weathered it in 6 days.

Monday, 9 April 2018


This is the delightful 1975 release of the Entex 1:144 scale TFX (FB-111) Fighter-Bomber. The kit originally sold for about $1, and was remarkably well detailed with engraved panel lines. Panel lines were accented using a black ink pen.
The decals had long ago become dust, so were replaced by decals from the IPMS Ottawa decal bank.
The actual aircraft was used to carry nuclear weapons for both Strategic Air Command (SAC) and Tactical Air Command (TAC) of the US Air Force. The aircraft was also used by the RAAF of Australia.


The Red Knight of Vienna is a re-re-re-release of a late 1950s kit, and is now presented by Monogram/Revell in 1:8 scale as part of a series of knight kits.
The basic paint is Vallejo metalizer "Burnt Iron"
Inside the helmet is a fully-painted head sporting a cheesy red moustache.
The base in the kit is boring, so I added gesso and texture.
It took a second place ribbon at the IPMS Ottawa April out-of-box contest.